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Hey Techies,

Welcome to WPTechie – A community of developers to help newbies learn how WordPress works.

WPTechie is mainly started with the aim to help new WordPress developers to learn how to create custom themes and plugins as I got many problems while I am new to WordPress.

What you will find on WPTechie:

  • Step by step tutorials on WordPress admin for new WordPress users. [Free Course For Beginners]
  • Step by step tutorials for developers on developing themes, plugins, widgets, shortcode, and everything WordPress. [Free Course For Developers]
  • Help on your queries related to WordPress development.
  • Complete “How-to” of WordPress.
  • Exclusive deals and discounts on WordPress themes, plugins, hosting, etc…
  • Popular and useful free themes and plugins to download.
  • List of popular themes and plugins in each category.

Who am I?

Freelance WordPress Developer

I am Aezaz Shaikh, a man behind WPTechie. I love to dig deep into WordPress.

I founded WPTechie and I also co-founded FlickDevs, a small web design agency where we offer web design and development to help people start their online presence.

I completed my primary education at Desai Maganlal Dayalji Ghaswala Highschool in 2007 and received my degree in computer from Dolat-Usha Institute of Applied Sciences College Valsad in May 2010.

After completing my computer degree, I started PHP programming course in June 2010 from the private academy and started my first job at CadCam solution from 20, December 2010 and left after 1 year (December 2011).

At CadCam Solution, I learned how to use PHP in live projects and got many challenges including working with Amazon API (to create affiliate site) and Twilio API.

I also started my freelance career while I was working for CadCam Solution and got the first project on converting HTML to WordPress for only $30.

I did lots of research on google and tried to learn how to convert HTML to WordPress but failed to get proper help after 5 days.

I also told my friend to help me with this project but he also fails after 4 days and I must had to outsource that project to someone else.


This was the turning point in my life; I decided to learn WordPress anyhow.

I joined Aghadi Infotech in January 2012 but left in April 2012 as I was selected from Templatic.com and I don’t want to miss this chance as Templatic is fully working on WordPress; They are building WordPress products, and this was my dream and opportunity to learn WordPress.

Then, I joined templatic.com in 1st May 2012 and learned lots of things in WordPress. I learned how to create themes, how to build plugins, how to create a shortcode, how to create widgets, and much more.

I also learned and worked with many WordPress core APIs including working with customizer controls and custom controls.

I built around 12-15 premium themes and 10+ premium plugins in templatic and also contributed in building the most successful theme Directory.

I worked with templatic for around 1.7 years and learned WordPress thoroughly; then I got offer again from my previous company Aghadi Infotech with good perks 😉

I again joined Aghadi Infotech on 1st December 2013 and worked with them till 2016.


My main goals are:

  1. Have my own products built for WordPress.
  2. Got as many visitors as possible on WPTechie.
  3. Earn good name in my field as an entrepreneur.
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