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11 Best Ways to make money online with blog

In my previous article, I explained how to start a successful blog. In this article, We will see 11 best ways to make money online with blog.

Blogging is a wonderful method of expressing your ideas and interest regarding any kind of subject. Incidentally, it is also an awesome way of making money on the side. 

So if you are running a blog and have not monetized it yet, then this is the right time for you to apply on any of my recommendation earning network to act!

There are various ways to earn money with your blog online. Unluckily, lots of bloggers usually quit because at that present time they aren’t earning anything in any way. My recommendation is not to quit! 

It requires time for all to create a blog that will provide you income, though with the appropriate path, preparing and working hard this can be done more rapidly. Everything depends on the way you monetize your web blog!

The following list is an assortment of best ways to make money online with blog.

1. Selling Advertising Space on Blog

You can monetize your blog by offering ad spaces on your blog for promoters to show a banner ad. This is an extremely highly profitable technique because it will allow you to eliminate the middleman and cost what you would like for others to promote on your blog.

Usually these types of plans are worked out so you show an advertisement for a fixed period of time for a decided fee with the advertiser. The problem with this process is that you have to agree time to manage the entire procedure with the advertiser and your blog requires lots of visitors.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising Method

You get paid for every click a surfer creates on such advertisements. You register to a service so they offer you a code that you should put on your web blog. The service provider can show contextual advertisements to your blog (sometimes image or text based) which are related to the articles of your blog. Google AdSense is the most desired and a famous provider of this program, however, there are several others available. 
Pay per Click (PPC) advertisements differ in profit potential based on the volume of visitors your blog gets. Just a small amount of individuals will click on these advertising, in order to make millions of dollars from them, you will require lots of website traffic. 

The click-through Rate (CTR) is Depends on how beautifully your website is designed and placing ads smartly so users can easily get attracted. Putting Ads Placement at the Beginning and End of the Each and Every Blog Posts are Highly Visible to Users and it is much recommended to earn Good cash.  So by placing Ads on these Positions will definitely improve the Chances of Visitors to Click on the Ads.

Listed Below are some of Famous PPC Ads Network for your blog:
 –> Google AdSense
–> Chitika
–> Clicksor
–> BidVertiser
–> Net

There are many others PPC Ads Network, but one of the most trustworthy and a Famous network is Google AdSense PPC. I suggest you join Google Adsense PPC if you are looking to join any Pay Per Click network.

3. Cost Per Impression Advertising

Cost per Mile advertising (CPM) is the same as PPC ads, nevertheless rather than earning on a per-click basis, you get paid based on the number of impressions (page views) you receive. It is calculated for every 1000 impressions it offers. For instance, a blog that has 1 lakh page views monthly that display a $1 CPM advertisement can make you $200 per month!

There are numerous of various CPM companies available that are available advertising from. Each one differs about how much they can pay you, usually the better the service provider the higher percentage you will be rewarded. It is because the best companies have accessibility to more and elegant quality promoters that are ready to spend you more.

Exactly like PPC, CPM advertisements will pay you much more based on in which the advertising is put on your site. If you have Huge Traffic then this one is also a great option to earn impressive income.

Listed Below are the Best CPM Advertising Network:

  1. UberCPM
  3. BuySellAds
  5. Conversant Media
  6. Criteo
  7. RadiumOne
  8. Collective Display
  9. Exponential (formerly called Tribal Fusion)
  10. Technorati Media
  11. Adtegrity
  12. Clove Networks
  13. Amobee
  14. AdBlade Network

4. Affiliate Marketing

This Method is able to earn you huge earnings from your blog. Here you are aiming to build by pitching affiliated services or products to your visitors.

While applying this process on your blog be sure not to over-do the advertising. Your visitors come to your site to read the post. Do not ever isolate them by advertising products continuously.

How it works?: You can put advertisements or links of your selected affiliate product/service on your web blog. When a visitor clicks on any of your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you receive some percent commissions from the product/service provider.

Must Read:  Promote products/services that are exactly associated with your topic and your visitors, so that you could get a better conversion speed and also be confident of creating sales. Whilst common items are effortless to sell they provide much less commission , so always keep try to look for an excellent product that gives you the higher commission.

5. Create & Sell Your Own Product

In this modern culture, everyone desire to try and buy something new and nowadays people prefer everything to buy online. So if you have a shop or something that you have manufactured, then why not promote it on your blog. Suppose if you are an App Developer or programmer and you have created a unique app then you can let users install it from your blog for a small payment.

Suppose if you are an App Developer or programmer and you have created a unique app then you can let users install it from your blog for a small payment.

6. Text Link Ads

This kind of marketing enables you to place text dependent ads within the text of your posts. For instance, if you are writing a post regarding a particular App or Gadget, you can add text-link advertisements within your articles that will introduce your readers with that specific item.

You can’t simply link to anything however, you have to join that particular product online affiliate marketing program.

Text-Link-Ads can be decent because it provides a non-intrusive method to monetize your web blog that won’t discouraged your visitors. 

7. Product Reviews

It is generally the same as Affiliate Marketing, however, more apparent. You can write comprehensive reviews regarding products, and post it on your blog.

Undoubtedly it is best to review items which are associated with your blog. There is absolutely no purpose to writing a comprehensive review regarding clothes or fashion if your blog is about health.

Lots of people creating a blog particularly for the product reviews, For example, hotels , tours, vehicles , devices , movies , and so on . If that item has a reseller plan, then you can certainly create a lot of cash from this.

8. Teaching Tutorial & Course

Providing an online teaching tutorial is one of a great way to earn money. You can charge people for a monthly subscription fee or a fixed amount to registering with your training.  

These types of courses can be anything for example SEO Training, Software Development, Website Development and Design, Photoshop, etc. 

9. Selling Services (Hire Me)

This could be the main reason why many of us start a blog, to begin with. You might have an expertise in any skills such as app development, writing skills, data entry, and web development etc. You can build a blog for advertising your services to boost your conversion rate. Blog visitors will get your help and pay for your skills. Obviously, with this option you only get money if you are doing the job. A terrific way to discover consumers is to include your own personal Hire Me page on your blog. That way, the visitors observe that they can hire you to help them out.

10. Surveys & Polls

You can put surveys and polls from particular companies on your blog that can pay you for the freedom. You can join websites and select a specific survey/poll that can integrate with the content material on your site. 

Traffic on your blog will vote on your poll and survey, while you receive a commission for showing it. Many of these polls run on a cost per mile method.

11. Paid Directory Listings

This method is same as selling ads. Compared to showing advertisements on a page, you assign space on your blog to list hyperlinks to different industries and services that are associated with your topic.

For instance, a blog about software development could have another page that shows hyperlinks to professional Software Development providing firms and freelance software development company’s designers.

You could cost for the freedom to show these types of links on your blog. You may guarantee that the hyperlinks will be seen by X amount of visitors monthly and you can cost a month-to-month fee.

Note: This requires huge Traffic so that visitors will desire to list out their ads on your blog.


I listed the best ways to make money online with blog. If you are using different ways to earn  money blogging, don’t hesitate to help others by commenting below 🙂

Question: Which way helps you make more money fast? Comment below…

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