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General Guidelines

Please read the general guideline If you want to do a guest post on my blog. I will be happy to publish your post.

  • Write a brief in an email about who you are.
  • Use proper bullet points, numbers, and sub headings.
  • Write in conversation style like you are explaining to someone else.
  • It should be minimum of 1000 words.
  • Article should be unique and how quality.
  • Write maximum 4-5 lines in one paragraph.
  • Use proper call to actions.
  • Always use free images or give credit to image source.

Content Type

  • Related to WordPress
  • Top themes & plugins list
  • How to article
  • Related to SEO


  • How-to articles should be well written and should in-depth with screenshots.
  • Send images separately as an email attachment.
  • Post should not violate any copyright laws.

How to submit?

If you have an article ready, zip it and email to hi@ with subject “Request for a guest post on WPTechie.in”


I will reply within 48 hours stating I will accept your article or not.

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