Benefits of Using WordPress Website

Nowadays, everyone knows what is WordPress but, let’s have a quick look what WordPress is and how it is useful to us.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) originally built for a personal publishing platform with the combination of PHP and MySQL.

WordPress is used by millions of users. It’s either used as a self-hosted blogging tool or as a self-hosted advanced niche website. Most people love to make their website with WordPress just because of its easy to use content management system. It can be easily learned by non-geek users.

Why WordPress is very useful to us?

WordPress is a content management system, it is mainly used for a blogging purpose and you can use it for any niche. We can easily manage our contents from backend even if we are a non-technical person. 🙂

Another reason we can use WordPress is better compatibility with SEO. It has a great URL structure that affects your SEO ranking to the higher level. Compare to other CMS, WordPress has a great plugin called SEO by Yoast which is loved by millions of people. Yoast SEO provides us GUI to enter per page meta title, description, and focus keywords which help search engines on ranking far better than other CMS and of course it’s free. Learn more about SEO by Yoast plugin.

WordPress has a large number of free and premium themes which can be used as per our requirements. Many theme providers are selling premium themes but here is the list of providers that worth to check.
[1] Themeforest
[2] StudioPress
[3] Elegant Themes
[4] MyThemeShop
[5] Templatic
[6] ThriveThemes

So, What is the benefits of using WordPress website?

Easy To install and Use
One of the greatest Benefits of Using WordPress Website and blogs is the user-experience. WordPress programmers spent the massive amount of time planning on solutions to enhance the user-experience. The setup navigation is extremely simple to use. As said, you can install WordPress in 5 minutes only 🙂 Admin panel of WordPress are clearly signed and arranged. Directions per page are easily driven and defined so the users can simply make changes to their features.

Support Custom Themes
WordPress platform supports free and premium themes to change look and functionality of your website or blog and this is one of the greatest advantages of using WordPress. WordPress has a database that contains many themes and templates readily available for use without any cost. So you can easily download free WordPress theme from there. As well as there are more other properly developed themes having various features that could charge you small cost.

Not everyone has the technical experience and knowledge to make modifications or changes to their blog’s and website functions. Therefore, plugins were designed to enable those with specialized knowledge to build these snippets of code that could be used on your WordPress website.

It is more difficult for one person to maintain the Search engine optimization overall performance of their website or blog. WordPress made a perfect job of creating sure the regular SEO best-practices were accounted for. You can even download plugins that can make your SEO functionality much better compared to the principles. For example, the “YOAST SEO PLUGIN” allows you to Set Title Tag, Meta description, Meta tag as well as other SEO Performance.

In latest versions, WordPress has added a function that can inform you if updates are available for the basic WordPress platform or your selected WordPress Plugins. When updates are available, you will be informed, and you only have to click on a link to automatically install the updates and upgrades.

With user discussion forums and sites dedicated to the platform, the amount of experience available is very helpful. If you require any help or have doubts regarding particular issues with the platform, you can visit or you can do an easy search in your preferred search engine surely you can find the solution within seconds.

Given above are the reasons why I prefer to use WordPress for sites and blog. To be Frank with you, I prefer WordPress platform because it is very easy to install and maintain, and I can develop it quickly by using ready-made web templates and plugins.

I am a professional WordPress developer, but life is too short to spend all of my valuable time on coding for developing new websites . . . I am happy to spend my free time on writing for WordPress. So, in my opinion, WordPress is perfect. Enjoy using it 🙂

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