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Almost all buyers read the reviews of every product before they made a purchase and of course this is the best way to get the best product.

Today, You will find the real reviews of CaptainForm WordPress plugin. I have personally tested it with the highest HERO pricing plan.

CaptainForm is easy to use WordPress form plugin that provides full advanced functionality. This form builder for WordPress is ideal to build order and registration forms, surveys and polls, user-submitted posts and much more.

Third party integrations and payment processing apps are already included in CaptainForm such as Google Drive, SalesForce, ActiveCampaign, Dropbox, Paypal,, and many others.

You will be provided with great Customer Service and data security
for the free as well as the other paid versions, so you don’t need to worry. If you have any doubts, you can get in touch and the team will solve your problem as fast as it can.

Now that you know what CaptainForm does, it’s time to for you to read my review ☺

You might be wondering if this plugin can be used instead of your current form solution. Is CaptainForm unique enough to stand apart from the crowd of other hundreds of WP form plugins already available in the WordPress marketplace? Or, is this just a straw in the stack?

Let’s find out!

Main features of the Plugin

1. Intuitive Editor – CaptainForm allows you to build web forms within your plugin dashboard with the drag and drop strength, making your life much easier!

2. Template Gallery – Now you can simply choose from a variety of templates already available for you! CaptainForm then enables you to customize the selected template as per your convenience.

3. Data Management – It’s like playing in the park when it comes to managing your submissions and creating reports for your manager!

4. Security – CaptainForm comes with strong security options like SSL encryption, password protection or CAPTCHA, he’s got them all!

5. Integrations – CaptainForm has 3 rd third party integrations for great functionality.


  1. The design approach is commendable!
  2. Treasure of pre-made templates.
  3. Free version available.
  4. Entries will be saved in the cloud so no database burden.
  5. You get many add-ons and features and that means you get a lot for your money.
  6. Ease of use.


  1. No conditional fields feature which is the biggest drawback.
  2. The plugin is pretty new on the market, so they still need to prove to their competitors that they are going to be hard to beat in the already super competitive WordPress market.
  3. Limited use for the low end and many features requires comparison. At the end of the day still limited even at the highest plan.
  4. Some screens might be a little overbearing as a user would have to set rules and ecommerce settings.

Pricing Model

CaptainForm Pricing

This is going to be the most important feature for the potential consumer, so I will get straight to it! This is not a very practical and feasible pricing model for a forms plugin.

Since it is so easy to find a free plugin on WordPress market, CaptainForm’s Free plan only includes 3 forms with 15 fields. Trying to stand out from the crowd is something that I understand, but it’s at the
tight end for users when you start limiting core functionality.

On the flippant side, a mere 35$/year will help you get unlimited fields with unlimited forms along with other features like five native app
integrations, 2 HTML blocks, and 3 form branching rules.

For 95$/year, I get triple the added features! I really think they should reconsider their pricing policy, but it’s when I select the 195$/year makes commerce sense to me as the biggest setup is all there.

You can transform your forms into eCommerce forms that are transactional, so I think this is the best value addition even in terms of money to its customers.

I suggest going with the Hero and Master plan in comparison to whatever other form plugins that you are considering. That way you get a whole lot of features to play with along with their unlimited fields and forms. This is where they can also sustain their business by providing the best value for your money.

Plugin Usage

CaptainForm is a simple to use form plugin, even with the complete other features they offer.


I love a clear onboarding process. I downloaded the free plan and created a complete form inside 3 minutes. Their onboarding screen is very clean and simple. It clearly stated that I could use the free plugin or upgrade myself to the paid version by providing a license key.

The user interface is very straight forward and simple too. I know this means a lot when you are a WordPress developer/consultant and you have to set up forms for your client on a daily basis and it not one of the nicest moments when your client e-mails you on Friday night as to learn to set up a form.


As you can see above the form gives you clear and clean advanced features like setting up rules, it’s easy. Some sections could be sleeker and smoother, but then too I had no delinquency in navigating through the form or finding any features that I wanted.

CaptainForm’s payment panels are more complex but the colors in the UI aided me to keep everything systematized. Also, it comes with easy steps like:-

Step 1: Edit Form

Step 2:- Set Settings

Step 3: Publish your form

Then, it asked me how I wanted to present my form:-

  1. Shortcode
  2. Widget
  3. PHP Function Call
  4. Lightbox

The usability part of this plugin is it key strength; everything is very clear, straight forward and well-adjusted for both advanced and amateur users alike. It gives the end user ease of usage.

Three unique features that makes CaptainForm a Winner!

I think the best way to determine a plugin is by listing down at least 3 features that you would love. So here I am highlighting the three things that are best in CaptainForm.

1} Ready Templates

Templates in CaptainForm

Templates help every user to simplify their life and that’s what I like about it. The team has definitely given ease of use to its customer by providing ready to use form templates. The templates have every possible form you could think, which makes it a winning feature number one.

2} Set Rules

Even though it sounds complicated at first but the fact is, it is a life saver! CaptainForm asks me to set rules by conditions, rules by fields, autoresponder and the entire form. You can perform some awesome business functions by settings these rules to third party apps they have integrated with.

3} Lightbox

This is the coolest option in the form according to me. In today’s tech savvy and content marketing digital world, if I can connect a pop up form to a single word, that works like magic for surveys or e-mail campaigns as well. This is a small but powerful feature for CaptainForm to boast about.

Deal Breaker – Cloud Storage

Everything on CaptainForm is cloud based and that makes it a complete no-no or deal-breaker for me!

My Data is stored on CaptainForm servers and the form displays are really iframes.

I am looking for the minimum amount of integration and support overhead; considering that I am a WordPress consultant, so I would rather not worry about things like styling and form integration with themes.

I don’t mind having cloud storage but I still prefer to have my data locally as then I need to worry only about performance issues. The main reason for my worry is that if there is a hiccup between the WordPress website and CaptainForm’s server, my client will be the one who will be impacted.

My Conclusion – The Bottom Line

I am sure by now you are thinking that is CaptainForm plugin stand shoulder to shoulder in competition with other form plugins in the WordPress market space?

I love the simplicity and usability features by the use of colors making it so easy to work with. Also, I love the template options and the ad on features this form plugin comes it.

Hence, I think for a considerable sum of money this plugin comes with a lot of features with great support and security.

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