Free WordPress Themes Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Do you know why don’t I recommend using free WordPress themes?

There are some limitations… There are seven reasons.

WordPress is one of the most common and widely used platform on the internet for business, blogs, marketing purposes, etc., by various companies and individual’s alike.

7 reasons free WordPress themes is a waste of time

It’s a complete one-stop solution for Content Management Systems (CMS) with full functionalities that will meet all your professional and business needs.

I personally used a few free WordPress themes when I was learning to create websites but it’s an altogether different ball game on paid themes.

It’s more refined with more options where a paid themes are concerned with more security for your website.

So I would strongly suggest using paid themes brought from reputable platforms.

Reasons Why Free Themes Should be Avoided:

1. Not Fully SEO Optimized

In a free WordPress theme, there will be no inbuilt SEO options,


the coding structure will possibly be very unclear.

Coding plays a crucial role in the website process as cleaner the code; faster will be your site and better will be your SEO. SEO compatibility makes a theme SEO optimized.

In the paid themes the developers take care of this aspect while developing and coding the theme. A few other important features that affect SEO are:

  1. Light Weight – Themes takes the time to load if it’s too heavy.
  2. JS and CSS codes – An ideal theme should not have more than 12-15 while a free theme usually has much more than this making them a deal breaker.
  3. Responsive Layout – As per a latest survey 70 to 80% of population views websites on their mobiles or tablets. Most free themes are not responsive, i.e. your website won’t open properly on a mobile or smartphone so now do the math that how many users are you losing out on??? Do you really want to lose out on 70 to 80% of your users?
  4. Responsive Design – Free themes do not come with responsive designs.


Plugin compatibility – There are many plugins available on the WordPress marketplace for SEO optimizations, but the majority of free themes are not compatible with them.

SEO is one of the most vital things that is very important in today’s online competing world to reach out to your target user and with a free theme, you can clearly be affected to a huge extent.

2. Less Support

Theme developers are playing games with newbies.


They give you the free version of a paid theme with almost no features. They show paid features in their demo. Once you install a free version, you will realize that nearly all main features come with paid version.

For almost all of the free WordPress themes you download, you will hardly get any support from theme author as you are not their paid user.

Since, most users are not PHP, HTML, CSS or JavaScript coders, having support for the smooth functioning of the website is very crucial.

Please remember, only a professional and original theme developer/provider would offer you 24/7 support to help you resolve all your queries and website related issues.

A few developers do come with the evolve theme and few offer updates too, but the updated versions take a long time then the premium themes, making the wait too long.

3. Slow Loading Time

Most the free themes are loaded with marketing material affecting their loading speed to a great extent.

Also, the footer and home page design are set by default with fewer modifications for you to do so you need to use the pre-defined images and background options; these all factors may sometimes be heavy making them heavy to run.

Free themes usually have encrypted links on the footer. These links hamper and affect your Search Engine Optimization and these definitely affect your ranking.

4. Limited Design and Feature Options

Imagine, If you are searching for some information for your college project


you land up on a website which has a shallow theme, poor design, unprofessional navigation, would you still stay on the blog and read the information?

You will definitely close the tab and look for any other blog.

For me, It’s a deal breaker feature for free WordPress themes; Free themes have either one or two home page options while on the other hand, a paid theme may have at least 10 to 20 options for home page only!

Free themes have lesser number of features integrated into the theme as compared to a paid one making them less trendy and undesirable for your potential customers.

Getting a paid theme is like buying a professional developer to design your blog and make it look very much professional.

Also, if you are a newbie, I would highly recommend you to hire a designer and developer and get your site done professionally.

6. No Theme Option Panel

Most of you are wondering what I am talking about right?


when you use a paid theme, it comes with pre-set themes layout that you may select according to your website requirements or you may create your own simply within a few clicks.

Free themes do not have this option. You have to go only with the one or two options provided by the theme developer.

7. Unwanted URL in Footer

When you decide to go with a free theme, you also agree to their user agreement.

I am sure just like most of us you do not sit and read each and every point in the user agreement but, you should do it at least once, and you will find that many developers wish to keep their URLs on your website’s footer.

Now, even if you know how to remove these codes, you will be held for contempt of breach of their user agreement. Also, if you do remove these themes, you will now get a broken theme. 

Developers sometimes hide these links with the same background color so that these links go unnoticed unless you move your cursor over them or select the entire page.

My main reason to point this out is that this affects the overall SEO and ranking of your website.

8. Time Consuming

Wondering why time-consuming right?

A free WordPress theme will always come with general layout and designs. But if you want to change the theme for a particular business need you will realize that the level of customization and configuration it needs is much more that what you would ideally spend on a paid theme.

Time is Money after all!

Hence, instead of spending so much time on customization of your WordPress Theme, we sincerely recommend buying a paid premium WordPress theme with all features, layouts and design to devote your time to the business as this help you earn much more that the cost of the theme and I am sure of it.


After careful consideration of all my above points, I am sure you agree with my suggestion of utilizing free WordPress themes only to learn the trade.

Also, I would buy a Paid WordPress theme for reliable providers like MyThemeShop, Elegant Themes, ThemeForest, etc.


Please don’t think that all free themes are bad well that’s not the case, all themes are not the same; many developers publish good well-scripted themes and later turn them into a paid theme.

If you are writing and managing a blog for a short term, then a free theme is not bad if you are good at spotting the above mistakes and working on them to improve your blog.

But, if you are someone who prefers to emphasize and build a reputation for yourself online by doing what you are good at then I would suggest you go with a paid theme.

Thank You, for staying with me until the end.

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