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Have you ever faced an error when installing free or premium wordpress theme? Do you know how to fix “Are you sure you want to do this?” error? I faced it while developing a premium wordpress theme for one of my client. Here you can find how I fixed this issue.

Note: Contact theme author to fix this issue If you are non technical person.

After I fully developed a premium theme, I am ready to test it as a user. I created a .zip file of my theme to be sure it will work with standard wordpress installation. I tested it on multiple computers and found that it prompts an error and not letting me install my theme.

I developed number of premium wordpress themes and never faced this problem before. This is the first time I have to fix this kind of issue. I am bit confused at the beginning but I started.

Below are some steps I followed to fix this error. Steps are far better to read than paragraphs 😉

  1. First, I deleted all the files from theme’s root folder except functions.php, style.php, header.php, screenshot.png, and footer.php. I created zip again but ended with no luck.
  2. Now, I thought, I can try by deleting all the code that includes(call) .php files with include_once or require_once function call . I did that and created zip again but again ended with no luck.
  3. I am bit confused now because no files are included in functions.php file and all root files are also deleted but still getting same error.
    I tried deleting all subfolders to check whether this will fix my problem or not and strange!!! It works. But, deleting all subfolders is not the perfect solution so I reverted back and deleted folders one by one.
  4. After deleting folders one by one, I came up with a clue that it’s “/fonts” folder generating this issue. I used font-awesome and other custom font for my theme.I deleted other custom fonts first because I thought font awesome will not generate any issue but… I am wrong, the font-awesome is the killer(yes killer :)) of my theme installation process.

At the end, I got solution. I found that font-awesome.min.css file has issue and the issue was applying font-awesome font with @font-face. To fix this, I removed @font-face from my css and included it by cdn url to tag like this: .

After doing this, I recreated .zip file and tried uploading it through upload theme section and I am able to install it without any issue 😉
If you have any questions, feel free to post in comment section. 🙂

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