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Use localhost instead of hosting to learn WordPress effectively


  • Able to learn quickly
    If we use localhost there is no issue of slow internet or internet failure and pages will loads fast without any issues. So we are able to learn wordpress quickly.
  • No internet required
    WordPress is using by all over the world and Not every WordPress beginners has internet connection.  As localhost works without internet we don’t need internet connection and we don’t have to pay for it as well. So enjoy learning wordpress without worrying about internet bills 🙂
  • No internet connection failure issues
    Sometimes we suffer from internet failure either because of issues from our side or directly from internet service provider. Sometimes it’s been solved within few hours, sometimes it tooks 2 or 3 or more days.
    If we learns wordpress with localhost then we do have to worry about this issue. We can quickly learn without internet failures.
  • Loads fast
    As always localhost and local computer files loads faster than server side files. So if we learns wordpress locally, all the pages will loads fast because it’s stored in our local computer directories.
  • No hosting purchase required
    Localhost is open source software and you can download and install it from free. You don’t have to pay for installing or using it.
    If you buy hosting package then you must have to pay for either monthly or yearly plans.
    So I suggest you learn WordPress locally instead of on free/paid hosting servers.
  • No downtime
    If you bought cheap website hosting plans then you are surely suffering from server down issues. I personally got many complaints from my friends and clients who use cheap website hosting such as godaddy, ixwebhosting, etc…If we will not purchase any hosting just to learn wordpress and learn it locally with local servers then I am damn sure you will never get server down issue.
  • No domain purchase required
    If you are going to learn WordPress through free/paid hosting then obviously you need unique domain to run your wordpress installation.
    Many hosting companies are giving domain for free if you buy hosting but in most cases we must have to purchase domain separately.
    Fortunately we don’t have to buy and pay for domain if we learn wordpress from local servers like WAMP, XAMP, etc…
  • No annual renewal tensions
    If you already purchased paid hosting then you obviously know about it’s renewal charges. Renewals depends on the duration of your package. If you bought hosting for 1 year then you have to renew it after one month, if you bought it with 3 years of plan then you have to pay after e months and so on… If you are learning wordpress locally then worry no about any renewal charges. We can learn it without any hosting and of course it’s free of cost.
  • No space limit issues
    Not sure all are aware of hosting space limitations or not but every hosting company has some space limitations for their customers.
    Suppose we are already running 1 or 2 large websites with lots of contents then our hosting space will be full and we are not able to add or edit any file.
    If we contact support then they will tell you to increase your bandwidth and upgrade to higher plan 😀
    With localhost we don’t have to worry about space limitations. Obviously we all have lots of free spaces in our computer so we can use it without any limitations.
  • No support help required
    If we learn wordpress locally and not with hosting then we don’t have to wait for any support queries regarding server.
  • Able to delete wordpress set up easily
    If you learned wordpress locally and want to clean up your files and database then you can do so very easily and quickly because you are daily user of your personal computer.
    Hosting panel are new to everyone so they have to do some research on how to use it whereas you only have to press Delete key why you learn locally and have to delete database through phpmyadmin.
  • No file upload and download harass
    If you want to customize any file then no need to download and upload it every time. You can do so easily I learning locally. You only have open specific file, edit it and save it to see changes.


  • You have to manually install wordpress and it’s database. You can do this early with hosting plan. You only have follow few steps and hosting will automatically do everything for you.
  • Multiple people can’t work with same installation if they are on different LAN or location.
  • File gets blank if you use Dreamweaver software and electricity problem occurs.
  • If you are using Skype then there is always conflict with port number. You must have to change your skype port number or localhost port number. Changing Skype port number is easier than localhost.
  • If you try to change permalink and your localhost installation doesn’t have mode_rewrite module active then it generates issues of 404 error.Some 3rd party plugin features required live server installation so that features will not work with localhost for example Facebook sharing feature.
  • You can not test your wordpress site speed with online speed testing tools.

So, which one is best? Localhost or free/paid hosting? I suggest Localhost if you don’t have enough time and want to learn wordpress quickly.

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