7 Outstanding WordPress Gallery Plugins for Beautiful Gallery

WordPress is an incredible platform that offers a huge collection of free themes and plugins to help you create a visually appealing website in a matter of few minutes.

And in this blog post, we will explore some of the outstanding WordPress gallery plugins that let you enhance the overall presentation of images on your site. Today, most of the websites are making the use of gallery to showcase their portfolio, high-quality image gallery, products, and photos of team members.

These plugins offer you a variety of features and functions that can help you create mesmerizing galleries in short span of time.

So, let’s take a look at 7 free WordPress gallery plugins:

1. Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is a terrific WordPress plugin that helps you add functional image gallery and portfolio to your WordPress site.

This plugin allows you to embed beautiful and appealing photos and lightbox to your posts and pages, without any coding skills. With Portfolio Gallery, you can add images to a portfolio; edit its captions, descriptions, and links with ease.  

It comes with a variety of view options that includes the standard thumbnail view, lightbox, content slider and pop up content. Even, you can easily add videos from YouTube and Vimeo to your site.  

Overall, Portfolio Gallery is a powerful tool for adding the gallery to your site. You can use a shortcode to add a gallery to your posts and pages.

2. Envira Gallery Lite

Envira Gallery Lite

Envira Gallery Lite is one of the best responsive gallery plugins for WordPress. It is a super-easy and faster plugin used to create enticing galleries for your WordPress site.    

It includes an ‘Envira Gallery’ option to your WordPress dashboard to help you add the gallery with ease. You simply need to assign a name to your gallery and choose or upload the images that you want to add.  

Furthermore, it comes with plenty of customization settings including thumbnail sizes, layouts, animations, columns, margin sizing and a lot more. Plus, it is optimized for better SEO results and server performance to give your visitors a rich user-experience.  

Note: You can install this free plugin if you want to add beautiful, fully-responsive and professional looking image galleries to your site.

3. Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery is an advanced WordPress gallery plugin offering a ton of powerful tools and options. These tools help you create a beautiful image gallery for your WordPress site.  

It uses the standard thumbnail display to showcase a gallery on your site. When you click on an image, it will open a larger version in a lightbox where you can navigate through the gallery.  
Add images from Instagram and Flicker in a matter of few seconds with this plugin if you want to make your site more attractive and engaging.

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance the design of your site by integrating this powerful and responsive gallery plugin for free.

4. WP Photo Album Plus

WP Photo Album Plus

WP Photo Album Plus is an incredible gallery plugin for WordPress that manages and presents your images, galleries, slideshows, and videos in the most attractive way.  

You can use this plugin if you want your visitors to rate or comment on your images. With these options, a user can click on a photo in your gallery to rate it or add their comment.  

Plus, it comes with a variety of customization options to help you create an eye-catching photo gallery in minutes. You can also set tags, alt text, and descriptions on each of your images with ease.

But the best thing about WP Photo Album Plus plugin is that it offers a variety of widgets for photo ratings, photo of the day, top ten photos, featured photos, most recent uploaded photos, and a lot more.

5. NextGen Gallery

NextGEN Gallery - 7 Outstanding WordPress Gallery Plugins for Creating Beautiful Gallery

With over one million of active installs, NextGen Gallery has become one of the popular WordPress plugins for creating and adding visually appealing image galleries to the WP site.

It lets you add images to a gallery either from a media gallery, your computer or a server folder. With this plugin, you can also create albums by making the use of a group of galleries. You can use these albums to showcase your products or images in a highly-interactive style.

It comes with an intuitive visual editor that allows you to present your gallery in different styles such as a slider, thumbnails, tag cloud, or image browser. You will also get two display options for your albums as well: Basic Compact (like a thumbnail) and Basic Extended.  

6. Gmedia Gallery

Gmedia Gallery - 7 Outstanding WordPress Gallery Plugins for Creating Beautiful Gallery

A great media library plugin used for crafting fascinating galleries for WordPress sites.

The Gmedia Gallery plugin allows you to create and adds your image gallery quickly to your WordPress site. When a visitor clicks on an image in a gallery; it displays the full-size image in a lightbox. In fact, you can also share your images on a popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, etc.

It includes the seven different modules. You can also add other modules for slideshows, photoblog, 3D cube, 3D sphere, sliders and mosaic looks.

Plus, this plugin offers a variety of customization options that helps you tweak the look and feel of your galleries, without any coding.

7. Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery - 7 Outstanding WordPress Gallery Plugins for Creating Beautiful Gallery

This is our last but not the least gallery plugin for WordPress. It enables you to present your galleries in multiple formats.

It adds a ‘FooGallery’ option to the WP dashboard, so you can easily select Add Gallery to build a beautiful gallery and then click on Add Media to embed images to the gallery. Add or create a gallery right from the visual editor.

The Foo Gallery plugin offers a variety of gallery templates such as standard thumbnail display and masonry layout. You can also use Responsive Gallery template if you want a responsive gallery for multiple devices and screen sizes.

You can easily add galleries to your posts and pages through the Add FooGallery icon, placed at the top of the visual editor. Plus, you will get shortcode for each gallery.

 So, we can say it is a pretty good tool for creating a professional looking image gallery for WordPress sites.

Wrapping up

Create beautiful and intriguing galleries by using the best and most powerful WordPress gallery plugins. In this post, we compiled the seven most attractive gallery plugins that you can use to enhance the beauty of your WP site without any coding.

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